Friday, October 30, 2015

Stuck on Sport

This has turned out to be a crazy week - two steps forward, one step back.  Projects on several fronts have been stalled, but I have made progress on my knitting.  My Leaving Cowl is almost off the needles, so I took a few minutes to figure out my next project.  If I can't get anything else done, at least I can keep knitting.

This is Bertha Sport . . . again.  Sorry there isn't a link.  Coming soon to the website and available at shows.  I'm smitten with this yarn . . . just one more project.

Halloween is this weekend, and I'm scrambling to pull together a few things.  I miss the days when the kids were little.  There were all the hours of costume preparation, and then finally the day arrived.  We dressed up and walked around the neighborhood, frightened and delighted at the same time.  We saw everything from ghosts and skeletons to fairies and princesses.  Pure magic.  Now I'm on the front porch handing out candy and watching the parade of costumes. 

My color inspiration this week marks the holiday.

Wee pumpkins.

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