Monday, October 5, 2015

Snapshots from Vermont

I'm off and running after a beautiful weekend in Vermont.  Going into the weekend there was so much conversation about the weather and Joaquin moving up the coast.  Early predictions were for a wet weekend in Vermont, but in the end we had glorious, dry fall weather.

Take a look.

This skirt has a story.

Marcy walked into my booth, and I commented on her lovely skirt. She proceeded to tell me that she came up with the skirt idea to use leftover sock yarn.  Of course one thing led to another and along the way she bought more yarn to finish the project.

Marcy had a gored skirt that she liked, and she used that as her template.  She took one of the gores from that skirt and did the math to figure out the increases for her knitted gores.  The gores are knit with the linen stitch.  Her original skirt had 18 gores, but the knitted ones were a little more elastic so she needed only 16.

Then Marcy crocheted the gores together.  I asked her if it was tedious to assemble them all, and she said not really because she had slipped the first stitch of every row and had a nice clean edge. Everything matched perfectly.  The cool thing about this skirt is it's reversible.  On one side there's a seam ridge with a little bit of texture. On the other side there's a smooth seam line.  Marcy can wear it either way.

Marcy completed her outfit with this jacket that she happened to find at a shop.  Not pictured is the hat made out of this yarn - the original project that got the whole thing started.  She tied it all together with burnt orange socks.  This skirt was such a success that she's already planning another one.

Detailed needle felting.  I can't imagine how many hours it took to make this.

Vermont in the fall . . . always a treat.

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