Friday, October 23, 2015

Under Construction

Yesterday my booth and I navigated customs and made it across the border.  I was held up by a silly paperwork glitch.  When the numbers in the system don't match the numbers on your paper, you aren't going anywhere.  My broker sorted it all out while I waited in the customs office . . . without my knitting.  

Once I cleared customs, it was smooth sailing.  KnitEast is being held at a lovely venue, and I plan to get some pictures.  For today this is all I have.

The booth is a work in progress. The market opens at noon today, so I still have time to pull it all together.

Between Rhinebeck and KnitEast I've put on a lot of miles this week. All those hours behind the wheel I've been enjoying the fall colors.  I never know what spectacular display is waiting for me around the next bend.  My color inspiration this week is more of the same.

Rich red.

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