Friday, September 4, 2015

Random on Friday

For a week that's been all over the place, it's only fitting that today's blog post is the same.  Yesterday I did a little gambling with my knitting, and for once I came out on top.  I made an educated guess that I had enough yarn to work one more row of almost 400 stitches.

I won with less than 3 inches to spare.

Other than that the only knitting excitement was a phone call with a friend for a live Ravelry pattern search.  It's helpful to debate the pros and cons with someone, and comments like this will definitely steer you in one direction or another.  "If you're knitting a Rhinebeck sweater, look at the yardage.  That pattern takes too much.  You'll never get it done in time."  "That pattern is written for a different yarn weight.  Do you think we can we rework the numbers?"  

When we hung up, she had already made up her mind and purchased a new pattern.  I'm still debating between 2 or 3 choices, but at least I've narrowed down the list.

If you're feeling distressed about the refugee situation, Maria Magnusson is donating all of her September pattern sales to help the cause.  Spread the word.

Since I'm on the subject of money, Knitty has launched a campaign for increased support.  The online magazine will continue to be free, but they've tweaked the model a bit.  Follow the link for details.

And for this week's color inspiration . . .

Red with raindrops.

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