Monday, September 28, 2015

A Silver Lining

Monday, thank goodness you arrived as scheduled.  This weekend I was caught in a crazy loop of mishaps, so today I'm grateful to be out of the tangle.  On Friday I traveled to the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival.  When I left, everything was on track.  Somewhere between here and there the traffic turned ridiculously horrible.  I deal with a lot of traffic on a regular basis and usually have a pretty good assessment, but even this was more than I had anticipated.  I would have been happy to be a passenger quietly knitting away, but, alas, I was the driver.  

Due to the traffic on Friday, I missed the time slot for booth setup. That left no option but to do it all Saturday morning before the show. Saturday morning dawned and setup was going smoothly until I realized I didn't have extension cords for the lights.  I must have left them behind.  No problem.  I took a deep breath and made a quick run to the hardware store for a random assortment of cords.  At this point in the morning I still wasn't sufficiently caffeinated and my quick cord calculations were a bit off, but we made do and shuffled the booth around.

The rest of the weekend progressed slightly out of sorts.  Maybe it was the different booth configuration.  After the show on Sunday we hit the road only to discover the traffic was equally unbearable with numerous cars pulled over on the shoulder.  I'm blaming it all on the supermoon.  

I did find a silver lining in a weekend that was oddly out of sync.

The perfect buttons for a project that's almost off the needles.  Usually I'm scrambling for buttons at the last minute.  This time they're ready and waiting.

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