Monday, February 2, 2015

Fresh Snow, Fresh Hat

Today my timing is spot on.  We have another foot of snow in the weather forecast, and I have a new hat to go with it.

Rikke Hat.  My models have all trudged off into the blinding snow, so this quick outdoor shot will have to do.  See the Ravelry pattern page for more pictures.  

This hat is all mine, but if one of my daughters had been around to model, we might have had a custody battle.  This garter stitch hat is so elastic - I'm sure it will fit a variety of head sizes and shapes.  It's soft, squishy and comfortable.

The yarn is Marie, colorway Eggplant.

I used almost the entire skein.  Yes, I was getting a little nervous near the end.  Worst case scenario I would have had to rip back a few rounds before the decrease rounds.  

Today is the last day to enter the January giveaway.  Follow the link for details.

I hear my neighbors hard at work.  It's time to head outside and get started on the shoveling.

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