Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Doing the Math

Last night I sat down to cast on with one of my new gradients. My regularly scheduled knit night was in disarray due to towering snowbanks, lack of parking and general snow fatigue, so I felt entitled to start something new.

I'm working with a pattern that requires a little tweaking - the math kind of tweaking.  The reckless knitter in me said, "Go ahead, cast on. You can figure out the numbers on the fly."  The practical knitter in me said, "You're on a really tight deadline and can't afford to waste precious knitting time.  Figure out the numbers ahead of time so you don't have to rip and re-knit."

I followed the advice of the practical knitter but didn't get very far. Part of the fun - and frustration - of numbers is that you can work them in so many different ways.  Last night I didn't find a way that worked for me, so I'm back at it this morning.  This time I have a clear head and coffee in hand.  Maybe that will help.

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