Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Of Snow and Mittens

Oh, the snow . . . 

Over three feet of white has brought everything from cancelled classes to impossible parking to commuter woes.  Shoveling has become my top priority, and I plan my day around it.  Even when I think I've finished, I always find more to do.  I'm motivated by my 80+-year-old neighbor who has raised the bar when it comes to snow removal.  He's out there every day moving snow around.  

The snow has interrupted my work flow, and it made a joke of yesterday's to-do list.  I rolled it over into today's list to create a mountain of work as big as these snow piles.  I need to make a grocery store run and was going to wait another day until I realized we are almost out of coffee.  I've just bumped this chore to the top of the list.

In spite of the hassle, the snow is wonderful.  This is my favorite weather.  Yesterday when my daughter was grumbling about the snow, I reminded her that there's nothing like the quiet and calm after a snowstorm.  New fallen snow makes the world slow down, and sometimes we need that.  It's magic.

All this snow has taken its toll in other ways.

This is my favorite pair of mittens - Rhinebeck 2012 Mitten.

The other day when I came in from a shoveling session, I realized the ribbed palms are wearing thin.  This has been my go-to pair for a couple years now, so I really shouldn't be too surprised.  

I decided that before the palms wear through, I should start construction on another pair.  I thought of making the same mittens since I like them so much, but it would be fun to try something new.

The research has begun.

Thanks to everyone who left a comment for the January giveaway.  It seems that hats are the most popular item to knit right now.  I loved the comment from Laura whose son competes in chess tournaments. "He has declared a hat I knit for him as his 'lucky hat' and insists on wearing it for every tournament."  The winner this time around is ckmary.  Keep your eyes open.  I'll be doing the same thing later this month.

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