Friday, February 6, 2015

Paper and Pencil

For the past couple weeks I've been debating new booth samples.  I've been very indecisive - not because I couldn't find projects I like but because there are so many to choose from.  I bounced around Ravelry like a toddler on a sugar high.  I like this one . . .  but then there's this one . . . or maybe this one.  I couldn't make my final selections.

The decision-making solution was simple - paper and pencil.  I listed the top contenders on a piece of paper along with yarn options, yardage, colors etc.  In no time at all I made my decisions.   

That was the hard part.

Now I can get busy.  

I spotted this week's color inspiration during one of my many shoveling sessions.  Ice can be beautiful and treacherous all at the same time. 

Frosty magic.

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