Friday, March 7, 2014

Winter's Toll

A long winter can be challenging on many levels.  The effects can be seen in many ways - tunneling under the blankets in the morning after you've exhausted the snooze button, loathing your friends who have scheduled a warm weather vacation in February.  And the snow. Mounds and mounds of dirty, crusty snow.

This week winter seeped into my dyeing work.

Two custom orders.

Two different yarn bases.

Two similar colorways.

Winter gray.

I'm very fond of gray, and both of these are luscious.  In fact I might have to dye one of them for my own project.  But for the weekend, I think I'll be knitting with this.

Something lighter to balance out all that gray.

The other day I posted about my Ziggity.  Here's the springboard for that color combination - my color inspiration for the week.

Light blue with a spark.

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