Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Playing with Numbers

I have a theory that my knitting goals are easier to achieve if measured in terms of rows or rounds rather than inches.  I understand why patterns specify inches, but if I can somehow translate those inches to rows or rounds, it's easier for me.

If I need 4 inches, that's not exact enough.  I work a bit, measure, work a bit more, measure yet again.  But if I need 24 rows, that's easy.  Ready, set, go . . . and I'm off working my way through 24 rows.  Same result - just a different way of looking at it.

Case in point.

New Canaan.  This is the Yarn Knot installment from the fall.  I diligently worked on it at first, but somewhere along the way I got bogged down.  I'd seen someone else's finished cowl and really wanted one of my own, but I was stuck - work a few rounds, measure, work a few more rounds. The desired measurement kept eluding me.

Then I decided to do a little math.  I estimated the number of rounds I needed for the required inches.  Suddenly this project was more manageable.  I checked off the rounds one by one.  It was finished in no time, and now I have a new cowl to see me through the last stretch of winter.  Inches or rows.  Do you have a preference?


your future rebbetzin said...

I like row counts better, if I know they're accurate. They're my favorite feature of CustomFit besides the, y'know, custom fit.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Will you be a vendor at Fibercamp this year? I am hoping you will, and that you will bring lots and lots of mini-skeins to sell. Pretty please?