Friday, January 3, 2014

Off and On

I've tried to make the most of my knitting time during this holiday week.   

Off the needles.

Bristol Hat was finished in time for my daughter's outing on New Year's Day.  This was a fun, quick project.  Originally I intended to knit this hat for myself, but somehow my daughter diverted the plan for her own benefit.  Teenagers have a way of doing that.  The yarn is Lillian, colorway Ivory.

Rather than cast on a hat for myself, I got distracted with this.

Silk hankies.

On the needles and transformed into this.

Acadia Loop Cowl.  Shimmering strands of colorful silk.

The holidays have inspired me to keep baking, or maybe it's the extra heat that comes with having the oven on.  I came across a recipe for cranberry rhubarb cobbler and had to give it a try.  Yes, cranberries and rhubarb - sour and more sour.  Not to worry.  The recipe calls for enough brown sugar to make your head spin.  I substituted a different topping but otherwise made it as written.

I'm trying to decide how long I have to wait until I can make this cobbler again.  In the meantime it will serve as my color inspiration for the week.

Rich sugary goo.

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