Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sizing It Up

My knitting is still going in circles, and the latest cowl now feels like a small sweater in my lap.

Squeeze Me Infinity Cowl by Anne Hanson.  Her designs are always a sure bet.  I'm enjoying this project - staggered rounds of knit and purl combinations separated by three rounds of plain knitting.  It's very relaxing and just the kind of project I need right now.  

This cowl comes in three sizes, and I opted for the largest.  I can't remember my thought process on that decision - often I choose the middle size.  I'm feeling a slight case of startitis coming on, but I'm sure this will be off the needles before it's full blown.

If you're interested in textile history, check out Fruits of the Loom.  Be sure to watch the slide show for a colorful look at textile mills.

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