Friday, May 17, 2013

One More Stripe . . .

I should be doing laundry.  Or catching up on paperwork.  Or packing for tomorrow's road trip.  Instead, I'm knitting stripes.

Pendulum, in case you're interested.  I start a stripe and promise myself it will be the last one - that I'll put this project away and tackle some of the work listed above.  But after I've finished a stripe, I can't stop myself from starting the next one.  I'm wrapped up in the thrill of creating stripes - working back and forth in short rows to create bands of color that are wide on one end and narrow on the other.  So simple yet so entertaining.

I may need to reassess that work list and pare it down.  Since I have to be in Rhode Island early tomorrow morning, packing is not negotiable.  However, the laundry and the paperwork have already been lingering for a while.  I can probably let them slide in exchange for a couple more stripes.  If you want to know the truth, I don't see an end to the stripes.  I've already picked out a color combination for a second shawl.

My color inspiration this week is inspired by fair food.  Sweets and beets . . . fried sweet potatoes and beets.  These thinly sliced beets are ready and waiting.

Rich red.

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