Friday, May 10, 2013

Loose Ends

The post for today is bit random.  Bear with me.  First of all thanks to everyone who entered for a chance to win a skein of hand dyed yarn. The comments include a wide range of projects.  The winner, chosen at random, is Stacie.  Have fun selecting a skein.  Maybe something to feed your startitis?

This weekend I'm vending at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.  I'm an outside vendor and don't know exactly where I'm pitching my tent, but I'll have more information later today.  I'll post to Twitter and will try to update the blog with more specific directions.

A note to Sarah D from the comments . . . Lately I've been obsessed with combining colors.  Sometimes seeing the colors in person makes the decision easier.  Or sometimes it makes the decision harder. Either way, it's all fun.  If you want to look at options, be sure to stop by.

Finally, a new Boston Strong hat pattern has been released.  All proceeds from the sale of this pattern will go to The One Fund Boston to aid victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.  I'll be starting my hat soon.  Be sure to check it out.

My color inspiration this week holds potential.

The promise of cheery yellow.

Update.  If you're headed to NH Sheep and Wool, check out the back side of Commercial Building 2.  You'll find Dirty Water DyeWorks across the aisle from the Bayou Billy Homebrew stand.

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