Monday, May 6, 2013

Boston Strong

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombings I've been searching for a way to help.  The events have altered so many lives, and we don't yet realize the full impact.

The local media are full of powerful stories - people reaching out, people recovering, people moving forward.  A few days ago my daughter told me about a bagel shop owner who is donating 100% of his profits to The One Fund Boston, a fund to aid the victims of the bombings.  The owner, an Egyptian Muslim, felt compelled to do something positive in the wake of the tragedy.  

It was late at night when I heard this story, and the wheels started turning.  By morning I had a plan.  First, I bought some bagels from that bagel shop.  Then I started experimenting with color.

The result is two exclusive colorways in the popular Lillian.



These colorways were inspired by the Marathon colors.  All proceeds from the sale of these two colorways will be donated to The One Fund Boston.  What that means is $24 will be donated for every skein sold. These colorways are available online in the Special Skeins listing on the website.  They will also be available at events starting this coming weekend at New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.

It's a long road ahead, but tragedy has a way of bringing communities together.  All contributions big and small will help with that process.  

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