Friday, September 21, 2012


Just in time for weekend travel . . . 


This is one of those projects that's been lingering, so it feels good to get it off the needles.

The design is made up of three distinct sections, each with something interesting going on.  Slipped stitches play an important part in Catkin, and there is never more than one color in play on any given row.  The overall effect is colorful texture.

Catkin offers a fun opportunity to experiment with color combinations - different combinations have different results. 

Endless possibilities.  I'm tempted to experiment and make another.

The yarn is Dirty Water DyeWorks Lillian.

Colorways Pumice and From The Bog.  The pattern includes buttonholes.  I made them but so far haven't found the perfect button. Maybe I'll find something this weekend.

The farmers' market is winding down, and the colors are shifting as leafy greens give way to earth tone roots.  In a final burst of color the jalapeños provide my color inspiration for the week.

Bold in color and taste.


BeckyinVT said...

I love catkin, and the colors you chose work so well together!

Betsy said...

You finished your Catkin! It's gorgeous!

Pat's here said...

One of my very favorite patterns, as you know! I love your color selection.