Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Knitting from charts or written instructions.  The pros and cons of both are often debated among knitters.  Some people have a strong preference and will use only one or the other.  I can use either, and it never seemed to matter much to me - until the latest incident, that is.

I've been cruising along on my current lace project.  The pattern is well-written and includes both written and charted instructions.  I was working row by row from the chart and had finished one chart.  Before starting the next chart I had to work a series of transitional rows.  The transitional rows were written out but not charted.

I made a mental shift and navigated the string of brackets and parentheses to complete a couple of rows.  At one point I remember thinking I didn't do enough repeats (I didn't actually stop to count them), but everything came out even at the end of the row so it must be right. Nevermind the fact that I was at knit night, I was helping someone turn the heel of a sock and there was a lot of lively discussion.

When I got home, I picked up my knitting to start another row.  I looked at the written instructions, and suddenly it clicked.  I hadn't been doing enough repeats because I had misinterpreted the instructions.  Yes it all worked out even at the end of the row, but I needed to do more repeats over fewer stitches.  Instead of knitting when I got home, I ripped out.

While this incident hasn't put me in the knitting-from-charts-only camp, it has made me think that maybe I shouldn't work on lace at knit night. Two weeks in a row I've had to rip out lace that I worked on while knitting with friends.

In other news . . . fundraising for the new magazine, By Hand, is wrapping up in a couple of days.  If you're so inclined, follow the link to make a contribution.

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