Monday, March 12, 2012


It's Monday morning, and I'm reflecting on FiberCamp.  There are so many components to this event.  I wish someone had captured the whole weekend on video.  

FiberCamp is sponsored by Common Cod Fiber Guild.

On Friday night Pamela Wynne's talk kicked off the weekend with an historical perspective on knitting history and feminism.  She pointed out that the history of knitting is long, complicated and political.  Her talk sparked a lot of group discussion and gave us food for thought.

This event is an unconference where attendees offer to present sessions on various fiber related topics.

The schedule board.  On Saturday and Sunday the sessions included everything from steeking to double knitting to choosing a fleece to social media for craft businesses.

There were spinning wheels.  Small and compact.

The Sidekick, the traveling wheel from Schacht.

Big and bulky.

An old, well-preserved great wheel.

The wheel maker's signature.  This wheel was made by Solomon Plant of Connecticut and is almost 200 years old.

Someone was recycling an old sweater, and the great wheel was put to work to facilitate the process.

Reclaiming vibrant red silk.

There were vendors on hand for the weekend.

Lucy from Mind's Eye Yarns had a nice selection of yarn, fiber, tools and spinning wheels.

Dirty Water DyeWorks had an array of yarn, knitting kits and fiber.

The atmosphere at FiberCamp is relaxed - a wonderful opportunity to hang out, work on projects and share ideas with other fiber enthusiasts.  Thanks to the organizers and attendees who made this wonderful weekend possible.

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