Friday, October 28, 2011

Larger Than Life

I'm pulling everything together for next weekend's Fiber Festival of New England.  In order to get from here to there I need to be organized.

Now I've long been a fan of these colorful little squares.

Post-its.  They plaster my desk, work table and surrounding areas. My kids have turned me on to the virtual kind, and they have their place. But they're just not the same as the original.

You can imagine my delight when I came across these.

Poster size post-its.  These sticky whacks of white have been my salvation this fall.  When I'm heading out for a couple of days, I leave a large, long list so that my household continues to function on some level.  When the list is the size of a poster, no one can say they didn't see it.  Not even bleary-eyed teenagers.

And I use them for my large to-do list when I'm gearing up for a show. This one is ready and waiting for my weekend list.  I can't wait to pull out my Sharpie and get started.

Believe it or not some things get taken care of without being written on a list. Fun things like decorating the yard for Halloween.

We now have a spooky graveyard complete with caution tape.  The graveyard is a tradition around here, and we make additions every year.

Fun things like baking.

Colorful, tasty treats.  We are set for Halloween, and I didn't have to lift a finger.

Yesterday before the rain turned to snow I captured this richly colored leaf.  My color inspiration for the week.

Shimmering red.

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Karen said...

That is the Academy Award of shimmering reds! Much more inspiring than my rain experience, which involved slipping and falling in front of Stop and Shop (that yellow paint they use to mark off the curb cuts along the front of the store needs some sand mixed in!).

Love the giant Post-It! Somewhere I have some "static cling" poster pages - for giving talks without an easel. It clings to walls and makes a great emergency slide screen.