Monday, October 10, 2011

A Slice Of SOAR

Last week I spent several days at the SOAR marketplace.  Even though I didn't participate in any of the other SOAR activities, I had some wonderful experiences and met some interesting people.

There were attendees from all over and many make this an annual event.  I met Myrt, an elderly woman from San Antonio.  This was her 25th consecutive SOAR.  She talked about the friends she has made over the years and how she looks forward to seeing them every year. Myrt is energetic and lively and has vowed to keep on attending as long as she is physically able.  She is truly an inspiration.

Janel Laidman was teaching at SOAR and stopped by to say hi.  She had a busy teaching schedule but managed some time for the marketplace.  As always it was nice to chat with her.

There was so much to see.


And more fiber.

Subtle shades of plant dyed fiber from Michelle at Sunshine Daydream Farm & Gardens.


Cheerful color combinations from Misty Mountain Farm.

There was all sorts of equipment - spinning wheels, drum carders, hand carders.

And spindles.

More spindles from Hatchtown Farm.


Stunning rugs from Demetrio Bautista Lazo.

Made with plant dyed wool.

Woven in the Zapotec tradition.

SOAR was memorable and inspiring on many different levels.

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