Monday, February 19, 2018

Colored Pencils and Knitting

I admit that picking colors for a project can be challenging, especially when more than two are involved.  I got a preview of my current project before the pattern was released.  It requires four colors, so I took a couple days and went back and forth on different options.  I changed my mind several times, and the final combination wasn't remotely close to what I started with.

I downloaded Your Slip is Showing when it was released last week. The cool thing about this pattern is that it includes a color schematic, so you can map out your selections before you start knitting.  

I had already settled on my colors, but I pulled out my colored pencils and filled out the schematic anyway.  I could always go back to the drawing board if I didn't like the way the colors looked on paper, but I was satisfied with the result.  

The schematic is a clever addition to the pattern.  Kudos to Bronwyn for including it.

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