Friday, February 9, 2018

Bouncing Balls

Most days my life is a juggling act, but this morning a couple balls went bouncing.  From the broken disposal to the backed up sink to the piles of dirty dishes . . . it all came to a head.  Somehow today doesn't seem like Friday, but when I realized I'm cooking for a family gathering this weekend, I got serious and found someone to fix the disposal.  And since today is Friday that means I forgot to place a yarn order yesterday.  Another ball I dropped.

For the moment crisis has been averted.  Yarn is on the way, and I have a couple guys in the kitchen up to their elbows in murky water. While they bailed water and disassembled the disposal, I made forward progress on another front.

One band done, one more to go.  I tried these buttons, and I like the look.  They're keepers.

It's been an icy week here - treacherous and enchanting at the same time.  This week's color inspiration is black and white.

Frosty footprint.

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