Wednesday, December 20, 2017

While the Cookies Are in the Oven . . .

My shows are done for the year, and we celebrated our last December birthday last night.  In theory I could put all my effort into getting ready for the holidays . . . clean the house, decorate the tree, bake some cookies, maybe wrap a gift or two.  Instead I see a window of opportunity for more knitting.

This little project has been rattling around in the back of my mind.  I pulled the yarn a couple weeks ago, and that's as far as I got.  These are the color options, and I need to pick one.

I also need to choose a pattern.  I'll start with that.  To be fair, I'll also pull the cookie recipes.   Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. Knitting and baking make a good combination . . . knit a few rows while the cookies are in the oven.

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