Friday, December 15, 2017

When the Numbers Are Off

You win some, you lose some.

I lost this one.

This is my Everyday Shawl.  I'm knitting this shawl with a gradient bundle and wanted to use as much of the bundle as possible.  The pattern includes directions for working the shawl based on percentages of yarn total.  I thought this was a foolproof way to make sure all the colors would be equally represented.  I crunched the numbers and cut back on one of the lighter colors so I would be sure to include the darkest color.

My numbers must have been off because I'm closing in on the finish line, and I've run out of the darkest color.  I was working on this in the wee hours last night and resisted the urge to run the numbers again.  It doesn't really matter at this point.  I have the small ball of the lighter color that I had set aside, but I'm not about to rip back.  I have more of the darkest color, and I'll keep going with that instead.  So much for planning and preparation.

I captured this week's color inspiration as the sun was setting on Frog Pond.


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Karen said...

Love the color inspiration photo - makes me want to head down there right now for a little skating.

I feel your pain about those tricky numbers. I keep thinking we just haven't yet discovered the best way to measure, plan and keep track of yarn such that one's best laid plans work out. If it were straightforward, it would be easy to get gauge, plan for the right amount of yarn, and knit things that always fit. But what would be the challenge in that, eh?