Wednesday, December 27, 2017

A Lazy Week

This week is the lull between holidays, and I'm making the most of the quiet time.  The only things on my to-do list are paperwork and 
knitting - although yesterday I think I did more knitting than paperwork.

First up . . . these mitts for my son, Kiko.  He requested them a while ago.  Whenever you can get to them, he said.  These are really pretty quick . . . a sock cuff and leg with fingers attached.  The fingers are a little fiddly, but they're so small that they're done in no time.  I probably spend more time weaving in ends than knitting the fingers.

The other day Kiko dropped off another mitt that had a bit of a snag.

He's careful with his handknits and didn't want to wear this without getting it fixed.  I'll give it a quick mend, and it'll be ready to go.  The temps are frigid this week so I'm even more motivated to get the old and new mitts ready for him.

Apparently spend time on Ravelry is also on my to-do list.  I have more mittens at the top of my queue (see above reference to the temperature) along with a couple other things that I have to cast on right now.  It's a lazy week, but I'm still busy.

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