Friday, March 10, 2017

To Brighten a Dreary Day

The world is a crazy place, and sometimes it would be nice to run away for a few days.  Since that's not an option for me, I've come to appreciate the soothing, constant things in my life . . . family and friends, work, knitting.  All those things can have their own form of chaos, but usually it's manageable.

On this gray, wintery day, my knitting is a bright spot.

I'm still working away on Summer Camp, but it's getting bigger.  Lately I've had a knack for selecting projects that create a lot of ends.  Stripes will do that, and this shawl is no exception.  I should probably take a break from knitting and weave in a few, but I'm mesmerized by the easy rhythm of garter stitch.

This week's color inspiration comes from spools of thread on an embroidery machine.

Glistening and vibrant.

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