Wednesday, March 15, 2017

In Black and White

We survived yesterday's storm.  As an added bonus, we didn't lose power.  Today the cleanup continues, and I need to do more shoveling. While I wait for the sun to soften things up a bit, I decided to play around with colors.

I'm heading into the final stripes on my current project, so that gives me license to plan the next one.  I need two colors, and I started considering options.  I had a couple ideas in mind.  That's always a good starting point, but I'm always open to going in a completely different direction.

I looked at the pattern some more and decided that I wanted high contrast between the two colors.  For the sake of comparison, I conducted a little test.

This Bee Hive color has been calling my name, and I paired it with a blue.

Then I added a black and white filter to the same picture.

I like the color combination, but it probably doesn't have enough contrast for this project.

I kept the Bee Hive and made another combination.

It has more contrast than the first combination but maybe not enough for this project.

I left the Bee Hive behind for this combination.

I knew this one would have the highest contrast.  I might not use these exact colors, but this is the contrast I'm looking for.  

This little bit of camera play is a fun, easy way to assess colors.  I do it all the time, and every once in a while I'm surprised with the results. Try it out.  Maybe you'll be surprised too.

The sun has worked its magic, and I hear my octogenarian neighbor chipping away at the ice.  It's time to pick up the shovel and get busy.

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