Friday, March 24, 2017

Taking Time

Knitting time has been in short supply this week, and I don't see the situation improving over the next few days.  This weekend features ongoing tax work, a show and a family birthday celebration.  Why did I agree to the birthday this weekend?  My daughter's actual birthday was three weeks ago, and I think the guilt was wearing on me.  So we will party.

The last few days I've planned to reward myself with knitting time at the end of the day - only to be too tired to hold up my needles.  This morning when I woke up I decided to take charge of the situation and mix things up a bit.  I started the day with knitting time.

I took just enough time to get this project situated.  Now I can see where it's headed.  Maybe I'll have more knitting time on the other end of the day, but if not, at least I got this under construction.

My color inspiration brightens this gray, wintery day.

Fresh.  Local.

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