Wednesday, September 7, 2016

No Escape

Today is day 7.  That's the number of days we've been without hot water.  Last week when the hot water heater conked out, I anticipated (and even planned for) the reality that it wouldn't be fixed until after the long holiday weekend.  Yesterday the plumber gave me an update.  He ordered a new part, and it should be here tomorrow. 

For the last week we've been living a kind of glorified camping life.  You don't realize the convenience of hot water until you don't have it . . . cleaning and laundry and showers.  Frankly I can let the first two slide, but taking cold showers gets old.

When I woke up this morning, I was tempted to browse on Ravelry . . . just a little.  I was feeling a bit distracted by the upheaval on the home front.  Ravelry offered a quick escape and maybe a new project.  A few sips of coffee brought me back to reality.  There is work to be done, and I already have projects under construction.

Hei.  I've been working on this cowl in the background, and it's coming along nicely.  I'm almost to the middle, and then I'll work my way out with the gradient.  It has a meditative ribbed pattern - just what I need right now.  When we have hot water again, maybe then I'll celebrate with a new project.


AtPlayWithFiber said...

That sucks! We had our water heater go out at the beginning of the year. Luckily, it took just a few days. Hope you get your new water heater soon!

Levi Eslinger said...

It's really sad that you are without hot water, and I hope that you get it back soon. It makes you comprehend how much we rely on the simple water heater and how it affects every facet of our daily life. I hope you get this sorted out very quickly and can look back on this period and laugh!