Friday, September 9, 2016

Just a Peek

This week has been out of whack on so many levels, but the dyeing has been steady.  There are new kits in production and new colors coming out of the pots.  I'll be releasing occasional sneak peeks as we head into fall.  Here's the first one.

Sweet, sweet blue.  

And this one, bold and bright.

Both of these colorways are still need names.  If you have a suggestion, feel free to chime in.  

Tomorrow you'll find me at KnitWit in Portland.  I'm off to load the truck.

Nothing says fall like fresh, local apples.  This week's color inspiration is green and red.

Right down the middle.


shortoldlady said...

Luv the blue - makes me think of COOL WATERS!

Luxury Serviced Apartments Guy said...
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