Friday, September 23, 2016

Friday Preview

Over the summer I added some new colors to the lineup.  A couple have become new favorites, destined to replace old favorites.  Here's another preview.


This color is versatile because it works well with so many other colors. Sort of green with hints of blue.  Malachite can almost be neutral in certain color combinations, and I already have a running of list of combinations that I like.  I'll be knitting with it once the fall fiber frenzy has died down.

I'm a regular at the weekly farmers' market.  The heirloom tomatoes provide a range of colors, sizes and shapes.  And they have such interesting names - Martha Washington, Radiator Charlie, Pink Berkeley Tie-Dye.  I can sense the end of tomato season is near, so before they're gone . . . this week's color inspiration.

Orange Russian.

1 comment:

Karen Budnick said...

Love, love, love this green! I thought I was over green and on to blue but I guess not.