Friday, May 22, 2015

That Nice Stitch

Sometimes life is all about managing interruptions.  This has been one of those weeks where the to-do list from one day rolls into the next day.  By Friday the list is unwieldy, and it's a constant reminder of all the things I didn't finish earlier in the week.  

Here's one thing I did finish.

That Nice Stitch.

This was a quick little project.  The pattern has plenty of options - wider, longer, shorter, any weight of yarn.  It would make a nice gift when that time of year rolls around.  Both my daughters were eyeing this yesterday, but I have other plans.  This one is for me.

The yarn is Crystal, colorway Burnished Gold.

The combination of Merino, Yak and Silk has wonderful drape and is perfect for next-to-skin wear.

This year I missed our annual May Day celebration, so it was fun to spot a maypole at Coggeshall Farm last weekend.

This is what's left after the dance . . . my color inspiration for the week.

Around and around, over and under.

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