Monday, May 4, 2015

Staying in the Moment

I have a love-hate relationship with deadlines.  While they can add an extra layer of stress to a situation, they are a good kick in the butt to get things done.  I'm in the midst of working my way through a list of pressing deadlines, so I didn't need to add anything to the pile but . . .

Last week I was working on In the Moment and making pretty good progress when I had the bright idea that it would make a nice new sample for New Hampshire Sheep and Wool.  That means I need to finish the shawl for this coming weekend - Mother's Day Weekend.  

Every year I like to have something new for New Hampshire.  Since I really didn't have a master plan this year, In the Moment seemed like a good option.  Now that I think of it, the name of the design fits the situation perfectly. 

When I hatched this plan, the rows were getting longer and longer, but the body was almost done.  As you know, time can be very deceptive when you're increasing stitches.  Rows that went quickly at the beginning of the project take so much longer further down the road.  

The rows weren't zipping by, but I did finish the body.  I even had the right stitch count.

Now I have a good start on the border . . . row 7 of 20.  And yes, I'm still increasing . . . 80 stitches over the course of the border.  And then there's the picot bind off which is oh, so lovely and oh, so fussy.  I'm not panicking yet.  It's only Monday.  I'm going to take this pattern name to heart and try to stay in the moment.

Thanks to everyone who entered the April giveaway.  I appreciate all the new pattern suggestions.  The winner is Kathy in Alaska.  Kathy is working on the largest lace project she's ever attempted.  She commented, "I decided to add beads, too, to make it even more of a challenge!"  That's the spirit.  Keep your eyes on the blog.  There will be another chance to win later in the month.

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Kathy in Alaska said...

Thank you, Stephanie! Not just for the win, but for the shout-out, too! I appreciate the encouragement. And now, I'm going to shop on your website. Best to you! :)