Friday, May 8, 2015

From Bind Off to Blocking

Update on In the Moment.  The other night I was knitting away on this shawl.  I had a plan.  That evening I would finish the border.  The next day I would switch colors, work a couple rows and then do a picot bind off over 391 stitches.  It sounds a lot quicker than it really is, but I was prepared for the long haul on the bind off.

I was closing in on the last 4 rows of the border.  My ball of yarn was getting sickeningly small, so I did a weigh-in.  I worked 2 rows and weighed again.  The numbers told me I was probably going to be short, but I'm optimistic by nature and forged ahead.  

The numbers didn't lie.  I had about 60 stitches left on the last border row when I ran out of yarn.  The real kicker?  Just last week I wound 40 yards off this ball of yarn for something totally unrelated . . . because I was convinced I would have more than enough for this shawl.

It was late at night, and I considered several work-arounds.  I eventually settled on a solution - maybe not the best one, but at that late hour it seemed like the way to go.  More details on that another time.

The good news . . . this shawl is finished, picot bind off and all. 

It's blocking now and will be ready for the weekend.  Mission accomplished.

This week's color inspiration is a show of pink.

Delicate and dainty.

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