Monday, May 25, 2015

More Minis

Sometimes it takes an outside force to generate a new idea.  I often have mini skeins available at shows.  Not only are they cute, they're also an easy way to add a little color or sample a new yarn.

Over the last few months I've had a thing for gradients, and I've shared some of that fun here on the blog.  

Enter Suzie and Elizabeth at KnitWit.  Recently they approached me with a special request.  The result is a combination of the minis and the gradients.

Mini Gradient Bundles. Aren't they adorable?  Oh, the possibilities . . . 

I delivered a batch to the shop on Saturday.  Here's one pattern idea.

Coastal Gradient.  Now I'm plotting and planning.

While the ideas percolate, I can work on this.

Strathcona.  Almost mindless, good for thinking.


Anonymous said...

Any thoughts of selling your mini gradient bundles on your website?

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