Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Decent lighting and a live model . . . everything came together for a few photos of Spectral.



This was an entertaining project.  The color changes kept it interesting, and the 4-round repeat wasn't too taxing.  

Spectral was a good on-the-go project.

I read the Ravelry notes for this cowl, and several people commented that the edges rolled.

Someone suggested a garter stitch edge, and I opted for that.  The edges still roll a bit, but it doesn't bother me.  

The yarn is one of the new gradient bundles - Lucia in Grays.  I've had so many requests for the bundles that I'm making it a priority to list them on the website.  Coming soon . . . 

My daughter commented on this cowl when I was knitting it.  She loves anything in the gray to black family.  I'm lucky she didn't walk off with it after the photo shoot.  

Thanks for all the comments for the giveaway.  It sounds like everyone is ready for spring weather.  I admire people who knit for warmer weather and actually finish things.  I can relate to the comment from twotone, "I do have a spring top that I've been working on for a few years now . . . maybe this will be the year that I finally finish it?!"

Congratulations to poohtum, the winner of the March giveaway.  Be sure to check in with the blog.  There will be another giveaway round at the end of April.