Friday, April 3, 2015

Since It's April . . .

The seasons are slowly shifting.  The change has been so slow that the snow last weekend didn't surprise me, and I wouldn't be shocked to see more white flakes in the coming days.  But it is April, and that should be reason enough to at least think about spring.

For a while I've been saying I need new fingerless mitts.  All of mine have either been lost or have found new homes with other family members.  Now we're between seasons, and it's still a little chilly but not outright cold. 

I definitely need those mitts, so I started Longing - as in longing for spring.  These mitts have a little spiral pattern - easy to memorize and just enough action to entertain.  The yarn is Lillian, colorway Drizzle. It seemed appropriate for the season.

This week's color inspiration is also in the blue family.

Blue with a twist of green.

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