Monday, April 8, 2013

Yarn Party

Yarn shop parties are usually a blast with plenty of yarn, prizes, snacks and knitting time.  What's not to love?  Saturday I was on hand at Sisters of the Wool to help them celebrate their two year anniversary.

Sisters of the Wool is a cozy shop with comfy seating, good lighting and a nice selection of yarn and books.  I brought a sampling of kits and a few yarn blends to add to the festivities.
People were coming and going all afternoon.  I met a man who took up spinning three years ago as a form of physical therapy.  Kim, one of the teachers at the shop, also does sweater repair and finishing. Several people talked with her about sweaters in need of help, and she left the shop with a couple more projects in tow.  I discussed ganseys with a knitter who is plotting his first gansey sweater.   Somewhere in between all the talking I gave demonstrations on thrumming.  Beware. There's a new wave of inspired thrummers on the loose.

And of course there was time for knitting.  Saturday morning on my way out the door I grabbed my Grayling.  This sweater is really too big to be a handy on-the-go project, but it was near the top of the pile.  I'm glad I took it.

The body is finished and the edge detail is done.  Just a couple more rows and I'll be binding off.   Bring on the sleeves.

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