Monday, October 29, 2012

Waiting For Sandy

The gray weekend has given way to an even grayer Monday.  The pictures I had planned will have to wait for better lighting.  

Instead the week starts with waiting.  Waiting for Sandy.  We've made all the usual storm preparations - extra water, flashlights, batteries. We put away the outdoor furniture.  We stocked up on bread and milk as part of our New England storm ritual.

Sandy is expected to bring rain and high winds, flooding and power outages.  School is cancelled; businesses are closed.  At first news coverage of Sandy was a welcome relief, but after extensive coverage all weekend, today I haven't even turned on the radio.  I can't decide which is more distressing - constant storm chatter or analysis of presidential election polls.  For the moment I'm enjoying the silence.

I'm in the middle of a lot of work - work on a deadline that requires power.  I must confess that the other day I contemplated a generator, but over the weekend I shifted my attitude.  Mother Nature is in charge here.  If we lose power, I have plenty of things to do that don't require an outlet.  There are knitting projects in the works.  Board games and puzzles have a certain appeal.  Storms are a good excuse to slow down.

If you're dealing with Sandy, be safe.  Mother Nature is flexing her muscles.

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