Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Living With Lists

I've been asked by quite a few people if I'll be at Stitches East this week.  No, I'm not making the trek to Hartford.  I'm sure it will be great fun.  Maybe another year I'll add it to my calendar.

Instead I'm focusing on Rhinebeck which is less than 2 weeks away.  I rely heavily on lists, and the steady stream of fall events is a true test of my list making ability.  I consult my lists several times a day - add, subtract, check, double-check.  There is a list for items that have to be ordered.  There is a list for show supplies - pattern inserts, extra labels, tablecloths (preferably clean), duct tape to name just a few. Always travel with duct tape.  

The lists have saved me on more than one occasion.  I realized the other day that I was running low on shopping bags and kit bags.  How did that happen?  If it weren't for my list, I might not have realized until it was too late.  The bags have been ordered and are on their way. Crisis averted.

And of course there is a list for all that needs to be dyed between now and then.  The list is long, and I have some marathon dyeing days lined up.  But it's all manageable as long as I have my lists.

With that I'm off to check in with my lists.  Another day of dyeing awaits me.

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