Friday, October 19, 2012

No Skein Left Behind

On Wednesday I was certain I had finished my Rhinebeck dyeing. Everything on my list had been crossed off.  All that remained was labeling and packing.  I was in the homestretch, and everything was coming together.  Late Wednesday night I stumbled across a handful of undyed skeins.  I had originally intended to dye these skeins but had somehow omitted them from the list.  Now these skeins were begging to make the trek to Rhinebeck.  Instead of rushing to put on a dye pot, I held steady.  Surely the urge to dye one more pot would pass.

Thursday dawned bright and early, and I couldn’t get the undyed skeins off my mind. I had just enough time for one pot, I reasoned.  They were cashmere, and they didn’t want to miss the Rhinebeck party.  Before I knew what had hit me, the wheels were in motion for one more dye pot.  No skein left behind is my motto.

With that bit of dyeing frenzy behind me, it was time to pack the bags.

Bags from Three Bags Full.

Bags for the season.  I'll have a nice selection of these bags available - Building C, Booth 42.

Now all that's left is to pack my own bag, and then it will be time to hit the road.

This week I leave you with a fall classic and my color inspiration for the week.

Rusty red.

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Pat's here said...

Cashmere? Dirty Water DyeWorks now has cashmere? Holy Christmas club money. Tell me more.