Friday, October 26, 2012

From The Beginning

I've taken a detour from my bigger knitting projects to work on something short and sweet.

There's nothing like a fingerless mitt to take the edge off.  And a fingerless mitt knit in worsted weight yarn fits my definition of instant gratification.

Working on this mitt has been a good reminder that often it's best to follow the directions from the beginning.  I was reading and re-reading the instructions for the tuck stitch - the one that creates those fun Xs across the top of the hand.  The instructions say to go under the strand below, but I couldn't visualize where that strand was coming from.  If I'd read the directions from the beginning, I would have realized that the strand was created a couple of rows earlier.  Lesson learned - follow the directions starting with Row 1 and don't skip ahead.

Many of the leaves have fallen, and the vibrant colors of the season have given way to earth tones.  This week a bright leaf blew across my path and caught my attention.  My color inspiration for the week.

The red tones of autumn.

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