Friday, May 18, 2012

While I Think Of It . . .

In the early morning I often do a lot of thinking before I even get out of bed.  It's quiet, and there aren't any distractions or interruptions.  The other morning I was pondering a puzzle.  Knitting has been on the upswing for quite a while, and there are more knitters now than ever. How is it that yarn stores are dropping like flies?  I hear of yarn stores closing their doors on a regular basis.  How is it that a booming craft isn't supporting local stores?

I understand the dynamics of online competition, but surely, knitters, we can do better than that.  Remember when you had that knitting needle emergency and ran to your local yarn store?  Or the time you ran out of yarn and your local shop came to the rescue?  Or what about the time you've spent at your local shop's knit night - hanging out, getting knitting advice, having an all around good time?

I'm sure we've all witnessed the passing of bookstores in our local communities.  Don't leave your local yarn store to the same fate. These days the emphasis is on buying local, and that includes your local yarn store.  Remember to spend some of your knitting dollars locally.

The tour of New England sheep and wool festivals continues this weekend with a stop in Rhode Island.  This event is on Saturday only and is held at the Coggeshall Farm in Bristol.  The setting for this event is a beautiful, restored 18th century farm.  If you're in the area, stop by.  There will be demonstrations, shearing and vendors. 

Sometimes we find color in the most unlikely places - along a concrete foundation, for instance.  I have no idea what this is - probably an invasive weed - but the colors caught my eye and are my color inspiration for the week.

Soft pink and green.

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Tanya said...

Mom wants you to know that the flower is Columbine.