Monday, May 14, 2012

News From New Hampshire

Monday mornings are brutal.  Monday mornings after a weekend event are doubly difficult.  I wish I had the luxury of making today and tomorrow my weekend days, but I can't make that magic happen.

We had a terrific time in New Hampshire this weekend.  This event has a tradition of producing every form of precipitation - rain, sleet, snow - and usually it's in abundance.  This past weekend, however, was dry.  Saturday was a bit on the windy side.  

I lost a few signs to the strong gusts that threatened to blow yarn off the hooks, but all in all it was a pleasant weekend to be vending outside.

The booth was located just inside the main entrance.

Gate F.

This year New Hampshire Sheep and Wool moved to a new location at the Deerfield Fairgrounds.  I was encouraged by the turn out - you never know how it will go at a new location.  I had one customer who went to the old location only to find the grounds empty, but she was resourceful and eventually made her way to Deerfield.  Cell phones are handy in emergency situations.

The distinguishing thing about the new location is the hill.

This is the view from the top.  There were outside vendors and a few barns with animals at the bottom of the hill.  There were buildings with more vendors and animals at the top of the hill.  All directions were given in reference to the hill.

I was non-stop busy and didn't get a chance to see nearly enough.  Of course there were many cute animals.

Clean cut.

And there were so many vendors.  

You could find everything from fleece to finished goods.

While a busy weekend like this keeps me in the booth, it's a great opportunity to meet many creative, enthusiastic fiber lovers.  That's what I love most about an event like this. Thanks to everyone who stopped by.  It was a great weekend to be in New Hampshire.

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