Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I started this week in search of a knitting project.  I had finished my latest booth sample - more on that in another post.  What to work on next?  My queue of knitting projects is a mile long, and I share desk space with yarn that's wound and waiting for the needles.  I certainly didn't lack for ideas or options, but somehow making a decision was a daunting task.

In the process of organizing my life after Connecticut Sheep and Wool I went through my project bags and stumbled across this.

My Lighthouse Gansey Sock.  I had put this aside, probably to work on a booth sample, and it had fallen off my radar.  It was ready and waiting - like a frozen meal you effortlessly pop in the oven.

I turned the heel, picked up the flap stitches and worked 'round and 'round on the foot - calming, comforting knitting.  I only have to work a few more rounds, and then the sock will be ready for the toe.  This week has been challenging on many levels, and it's only Wednesday. The knitting goddess was looking out for me.  Quiet, meditative sock knitting is just what I needed. 

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Taos Sunflower said...

Really neat sock. I love how you just effortlessly breeze through your projects while you are up to your ears in business and home. To knit little patterns like that, I'd have to lock myself in a closet with no distractions! You go!