Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick Fix

I have surprisingly few knitting projects on the needles.  A couple of weeks ago I was on a roll and finished lingering projects, but I was obviously remiss in starting new ones to fill the void.  The gravity of the situation hit me the other day when I was headed out for an appointment and realized that I didn't have a sock in progress to keep me company.

The barter mitts were getting my undivided attention and are finished except for the thumbs.  This lack of projects was about to reach crisis proportions.

For an immediate fix I grabbed yarn that had been patiently waiting on my desk.  Its destiny had been determined some time ago so I didn't have to give it much thought.

I diligently knit a swatch.

In no time I was off and running.

The wee beginning of Catkin.  Of course this doesn't remedy my sock situation.  I'm off to tackle that problem next.

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Elisabeth Marino said...

Who gets "finish-itis"? Congrats! If you're still looking for a project - Your beautiful yarns would make spectacular Rhinebeck 2012 Mitten KAL mittens! Any 11 or 12 wpi DK will work, the higher the twist the better. And I'm planning a coordinating hat in your yarns for a Hat KAL. **winks mischievously**