Monday, December 19, 2011

To The Rescue

If you're in the process of knitting holiday gifts, you may be at the point where it's time to abandon more elaborate items in favor of a quick project.  Set aside the complex Fair Isle sweater and the intricate lace. What you need is something that you can finish before the holidays.

A hat is often a good solution in situations like this.

I opted for the basic 2 x 2 ribbed hat.  The pattern is mind-numbingly simple - knit 2, purl 2.  I must admit that the other night I found this easy stitch combination a bit challenging.  I blame it on my sleep deprived state, the hockey game I was watching or both.  In any event I got back on track and finished without any problems.  I can cross off another gift from my list.  You can find patterns for similar hats here and here.

Carry on with your holiday knitting and don't give up hope.  It's still early in the week.

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