Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Diamondback Mitts

I have a new pair of mitts.

Diamondback Mitts by Stephen West.

I enjoy designs from Stephen West.  He features some creative constructions and has fun with shapes and angles.

These mitts are no exception.

A simple cable and a few slipped stitches create the diamondback pattern.

Only one color is worked at a time.  With color changes every two rows, it's easy to keep track of the colorwork pattern.

The thumb flows naturally from the diamondback design.

Two of the diamondback lines form a built-in gusset and nestle the thumb.

The mitts are unisex.

The pattern includes options for different sizes.

The yarn is a wool / mohair blend - soft and silky with a subtle halo.

Currently Dirty Water DyeWorks offers this blend only at festivals and events.  I think it might be time to offer it in the full lineup.

My track record for keeping mitts isn't very good.  I've scattered more than my fair share across New England.

I hope this pair will help me break that cycle.

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