Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This week between Christmas and New Year's Day isn't a vacation week for me.  I have plenty to do, but I am working at a relaxed pace. In addition to a little dyeing and a lot of paperwork I'm concentrating on knitting the last of the holiday gifts.  

The other day I spent time plotting and planning a cozy, colorwork hat. This was going to be a fun, entertaining project.  Then I hit a snag.  I did the numbers and realized that I didn't have enough yarn.  It turns out the recipient would rather have Pop Up Paws instead, and I have the yarn ready and waiting.  That was an easy fix.

And I've been knitting away on these almost mindless fingerless mitts.

I finished one in no time at all.

Without giving it a thought I cast on the second one.

This was going to be a snap.  I was going to hand over these mitts and cross another gift off my list.

Then I hit another snag.

Yes, I ran out of yarn.  I'm so close - all I need is enough yarn for 10 rounds on the hand and a bit of a thumb.  I convinced myself that one ball was going to be enough, but I should have known better.  These mitts are for my son, and he has huge hands - hands the size of my forearm. 

I have another ball of this yarn.  I think I have another ball of this yarn. Later today I'll be stash diving to find the other ball.  Or a close substitute.

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